Saturday, January 8, 2022

As far as gun fire exchange during Viktor Bout's missions to Africa in 1998, I believe it was fake

Could have been real first time, but I suspect agreement between Putin and Americans trying to inflate whole Harry Potter crap with it and even distort reality about whatever took place in Bosnia in 1996. On second mission after the supposed fire exchange to this very airport where Bout and Putin's crew would regularly deliver weapons, I heard crew interacting with Americans(CIA) and then as it appeared fake shooting during takeoff - on  my question to Bout how come one returned he smiled and answered he fixed problems and all is okay...laughed. Viktor Bout was a violent Russian thug next to whim I had to seat drugged up and felt as I would be tied up with rope....other than his and crew's death threats, there is nothing to landed straight in the pockets of Moscowian mafia - Putin and I suppose was guilty for it all. Likewise did Putin brought to central African republic CIA in 2005(was with him there first time in 1997/1998) for sightseeing. Totally corrupted local central African government officials to degree no one would protest Americans - probably no one except officials even knew...

CIA had me drugged up walk like an animal along ocean drive on Miami beach in 2005/2006 next to Viktor Bout who insisted on nothing till am rescued...he was already detained, but he had right to give his words to me...old dangerous planes with crazy landing locations and regular criminal violent thug.

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