Friday, January 7, 2022

I call US Government to explain about Viktor Bout's flights to Africa with planes loaded with weapons and myself used as a hostage - same as first Kučan's arms sale to Serbia in 1996 except there was even gun fire involved and crew barely took off with me aboard

 As death was inches away - Viktor Bout once arrested and brought to USA had me meet him under MK Ultra escorted by CIA along Ocean Drive claiming me I cite, "nothing till I am liberated"...

So I call most honest and godly of the all, unique government of United States of America to explain above stated Viktor Bout 

Alleluia glory glory ommmshalla boom boom and god will bless America shshshshs cash raining from the sky - explain what was/is Putin's secret to "success" !!???? 

Who paid it all for small incompetent criminal and got beaten up time and again for reward !!???? 

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