Saturday, January 1, 2022

I was told Virginia Giuffre(prince Andrew's love) as far as her residency had a grandma in USA, "but and" - who cares if truth whatever...

 Grandma was located even on Miami Beach in vicinity of my apartment building(near 47 street if) or possibly in New York - tough to know as drugged up under circumstances during which ECT was applied - now over two decades ago...

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They brought me to Australia and other locations on multitude occasions...if given questionnaire to choose from in between, I could revive memories but these memories are worthless garbage equal to nightmare that resulted in loss of 27 years of life through psychiatry and beatings in infront of Slovenian partisan memorials, war-fields of Bosnia, and other parts of world...British police, CIA/FBI, Interpol, ICC, UN covered up good great for royals...still do. 

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