Saturday, January 1, 2022

Everyone in this world knows - United Nations is a criminal ILLEGAL organisation as is

 Misleading malicious human trafficking organisation which supports heavy physical and mental torture of American and European citizens - not only wars on third world, but one waged full support for war against WWII victors...its founding purpose was the exactly opposite from what we see one became. Its a private club of those with $$$ which serves summons at their requests, and at the same time protects those with $$$ from receiving the same. UNITED NATIONS' OFFICIALS PARTICIPATED AND INCITED IN TORTURE CONCERNING MY CASE SINCE 1995 TO BE PRECISE ABOUT ONE. UN IS A TERRORIST ORGANISATION WHEN CONSIDERING PREVIOUS SENTENCE. SUPPORTS TERRORISM AND ENGAGED IN TERRORISM - PROVIDED AND PROVIDES COVER-UP FOR THOSE WITH DEEP POCKETS. 

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