Sunday, September 5, 2021

Poisoning according to Americans and Germans and others was referred as NOT MANY GOT THIS ONE RIGHT LETS SEE IF YOU WILL WATCH IT YOU HAVE TO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO.....

 Tested on Belarus Sergei via Lukashenko who came with idea to rather poison me with deadly poison for Slovenian state get involved and remove parents from picture and kill financially this way. Mother does whatever Slovenian police demands...went for a walk and it's pretty damn at location for which Slovenian police instructed as I cite, "that you won't do same as other guy did when he walked away from main road where he possibly couldn't get help. ...few were in need of medical assistance blah blah blah".

I forgot to mention as instructed by Slovenian police on how I usually prepare my own food, but today blah blah blah

@Charles - entertaining ?

British have imbeciles seating at the throne.

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