Monday, September 6, 2021

ALSO MORE ABOUT BORUT PAHOR AND MILAN KUCAN CRIMES: British see THANK YOU through eyes of royals and therefore gratitude for welcome and sacrifice in a form of destruction of one, once no longer needed

Car scams as well as other operations(from poisoning involving cancer issues to spine breaking and beyond via forced unemployment) were financed through government subsidiary operations corruption perhaps in whole/entirely by royals from London. Scary part is no one in Britain took any responsibility, but British did wanted for me to continue seeing myself in them. From what I can recall in respect to "royal einfield" its school in the back but right next to it or in rear is some kind of government office or something like this...
Video can be also seen at
Its also what I was gestured by some involved in case whose names will not give. 

Sure is beautiful but not when in Britain or any other part of commonwealth.
Also @Charles, $70.000 equals to 300.000.000.000(three hundred billion USD) via "I am you yours is mine and you rotten in pain and in vain" formula.

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