Wednesday, September 1, 2021

First individual for whom I was guaranteed and have met what again appeared as one outside of the prison system was(possibly truly is) Polish serial killer Richard Kuklinski

 Whose family became involved in my MK Ultra case in 1998/1999. Whether Kaczyinski brothers did managed to bail one out of jail for real I can't guarantee, but I visited him and his children time and again per Polish government(they really are all the same - from Duda to Walesa) - drugged up under MK Ultra circumstances. Balkan war criminals were even bailed out of Western prison system, so see not why same wouldn't be case with Richard Kuklinski :))))) Poland - country about which Jan Pavel knew truly nothing about - not even as a Pope in Vatican....learn little about Polish serial killer Mr. Kuklinski who killed over 250 people, but lately US Government played down for the sake of Poland a number of his victims to even 5 

Polska = to jest POJEBANI chory świat because of which I also was on a track to ruin my life for good in Slovenia and in USA...have good connections in US what proved for my case(one assisted Russia and Serbia on every step of the way) as fatal.

Richard Kuklinski's family was involved in this case for no less than 10 years at least.

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