Wednesday, September 1, 2021

@Sarah Rainsford(involved in MK Ultra)

Remember her in this room as much younger full of life expectations in

respect to Russia next to Russians alone...I could say Russian enthusiast Sarah who was in loved with Russia and was a little angry at me for trying to downplay her love for Russia - even possible new future homeland back in 1998 as she saw Russian in mirror(she saw herself physically as Russian - facially and its truth)...

I am sorry to hear it all ended as I forecasted back then will...crying does little for you, but a lot for psychopaths who love nothing more than sight on tears.. .I cried too in Belarus and then on my way from Poland. too short do and tears do little also on West from where I was brought back to Slovenia for torture - 15 years on the row before told as US citizen(most severely blacklisted) told to have no right to even live there - to get lost no longer needed that I am disgrace and so on :))))

@Sarah - Well Sarah, it could have been much much worse as is for many Russians - and you are always welcome to visit Slovenia ;)

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