Saturday, September 4, 2021

Clearly did psychiatric hospital Ljubljana committed in 1995, 1996, and1997 over 500 death threats against me in a tiny settlement 3 hours walk from home known as Smarjeta

Main involved were Bojan Zalar and oldest therapeut employed Vinko - Vinko was used at order of Zalar to push other younger employees against me. Vinko claimed in1996 it's Poles that demand violence against me as a form of solidarity with them. Lukashenko and Russians, however, were indifferent...Zalar often yelled at me because I didn't don't comply and they broke his balls from top...locals found excuses for violence against me claiming it was psychiatric stuff that made them since it's a tourist destination where above mentioned also lodged...this little settlement alone with near area probably committed over 1000 death threats over the years. When considering crime against me at the partisan memorials in1995 and letter I received inside if psychiatric hospital on how I want to exterminate Slovenian nation next to Roma minority, I have the right due to degree of crime to consider this as 1000 counts of attempted murder in this settlement alone against Slovenia.

On my way from Ljubljana to Ptuj, every train stop settlement was used to present me with death threats - Vinko again was the man. A therapist...

Here is what prompted memory on beating of Lukashenko and his KGBs in Belarus during 2003 Also known as "How I became to be known as very dangerous man under MK Ultra and a nuclear option I demanded in 2002 against Slovenia from George Bush".

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