Thursday, July 15, 2021

Yesterday, I came across two Slovenian military individuals involved in MK Ultra when on my way to Trdinov vrh


For one I haven't spoken too, I can say used to live in Maribor's high-rise(just tall apartment building) where I think mom still does and have in 2012/2015 either built or obtain via wife house in Pohorje(mountain area behind Maribor). Interesting to note that Sergei from Belarus learned all about one and have one death threaten me under MK Ultra as per if I would ever dare to go against Sergei - Sergei alone insisted me under MK Ultra on connections writhing Slovenian military he would use against me if I wouldn't lay down infront Russo Serbian cleansing and become part of it in Slovenia....Lukashenko utterly bullied on issues INSIDE OF OUR HOME IN NOVO MESTO AS PER WHEATHER I WOULD FIND POISON inside of the home supply. In Serbia dared me with war on Slovenia in which Belarus would also Belarus threatened(and conditioned me with his life if not compliant) to ex Belarus president which recognized Slovenian independence along Baltic states - rated one as filthy Pollack along other Belarussian presidents...rated one as unworthy to be alive.

Never mistaken Russian assassin or accept draw based on genocide done inside of your own homeland inside of your own home.

I will charge both with extreme acts of terrorism and multiple attempts to murder. Hijacking/ torture acts and so on...

For second military individual I have pointed out more or less direction where in Slovenia one lives(misssed year when he became soldier with 2005 vs 2002) - not in Maribor for which suggested one at first and i can tell you man has a higher rank and also is instructor.

Third individual awaited me on top with his beautiful dog, but I declined friendly invitation for a ride back to Novo mesto where he is from because I wanted trip to involve somewhat action...young man have habbit to keep registration numbers from other cities wherever he purchases cars from and is Novo mesto native from area of Ratez or Gotna vas. They have a small farm at home and young man is employed I think at Renault or TPV(rather Renault). Also was involved in MK Ultra...nice thank you very much to all except individual as I mentioned above.

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