Thursday, July 15, 2021

TO FOREIGN COMPANIES/CORPORATIONS IN SLOVENIA: Allways make sure you have NATIVE Slovenians seating inside of your human resource departments as well as for the CEO/directors and even so(with Slovenian native) you have to stay very attentive about what goes on

 Serbian / Russian extermination agendas against smaller countries are MAINLY based on giving FALSE impressions to foreign investors(diplomats|) and foremost murdering/killing a will(hope) for employment within domestic population. Its not surprising letter I received today from Serbian HR team at TOM TAILOR LESCE, d.o.o. where I sent employment application few months ago(over 3 months ago) which states in very NON Slovenian title as "REJECTION"(translated from "zavrnitev").

Main HR individual in Slovenia is still Borut Pahor who imported in Slovenia officially 3.200+ something Russian assassins(number is probably much higher as some 250.000 people as seen  do not eve self declare per who they are - small countries Slovenia sized such as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania are they easiest and most convenient to target but Ukraine and Poland face imported Russian terrorism too).

Normal response in Slovenian language would title as "answer, obvestilo neizbranemu kandidatu" etc...normal response also includes normal response time limit which for position bellow shouldn't range beyond one month limit max. Labor related up to 14 days max.

You don't want turmoil inside of your company and you don't want to attribute to state turmoil against natives wherever is that your company s located at...

3200+ Russians in Slovenia is almost as many as what Krka Pharmaceutical employs total...profits where !!!????????

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