Wednesday, July 14, 2021

While she hosted professional assassins inside the house and about whose traces knows/knew nothing(laughed and is laughing at questions), she called me my entire life an "assassin"

 Knew all about poisoning as far as what is healthy and what not for me to eat - she knew to the last millimeter as with niece both bullied me under MK Ultra issues on what will be healthy and what not for me to eat, but my nicked name was "assassin". Hard to believe any mother in this world(this beast participated in torture not only observed one) would address her own son with such name, but stated here repeated in my face over 500 times. 

I see no point in going to physician under given circumstances. What exactly would  search for as problem concerns issues I was promised will have !!???? Going to physician for help would be a most pathetic act in my life time on my behalf. Never going to happen.

Donald Trump gestured me on how to view life as a cancer patient(in a very sadistic way as nothing to look forward too) and Joe Biden's words to me in 2010 were, "you will rotten in pain and in vain"

US elections - not fixed at all. US nothing but democracy.

There is no Trump and there is no Biden - there is only a game per convenience. Two rotten sides(dems and reps) on the same coin.

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