Thursday, July 15, 2021

Pope Francis had colon problem already over one decade ago(detected, but he learned about one in 2008) and I was blamed for one(understandable - I was only nice to him whenever I came enough to senses to recognize him)

 MK Ultra drugs were very very powerful my friends and lots of people involved equaled to circus which I didn't like at all. Anyhow, Pope Francis refused to accept by being nasty to him and had a way to deal with me - he calmed me first by challenging me to stop with nonsense and then proceeded to facially(when asking he would make clear posture in my face - face to face) ask as per if I don't know who he was any more. 

He would do this by cutting right infront of some heated confusion...he liked me for some crazy reason anyhow...perhaps because I liked beautiful Italian nurse at very hospital(in Rome) where they performed surgery(was there with him on at least three occasions) or some crazy director or perhaps his Spiderman....truth is that Italian women are very very beautiful and people nice and I was just full of s***. In my MK Ultra head a perfect place was a palace in India where single man had 50 wives(ok 39 whatever but that still better than one or two no !!??? Same happened in 1995/1996 in Croatia where I demanded at least three wifes for me to stay - I deemed in Serbia that Serbian government cheated me since they profited so much from me and for declining me the same as they offered to regular Serbian politicians who had plenty women and so on...and China and Russia) - for something like this to realize one must never be satisfied with a single female I concluded drugged up...

Good thing today is my friend Francis knows I had to do with his and others' health misfortunes as much as with last year snow...

Damn I really heavily discriminated against my ex Polish(Marek) boss from Fujitsu who got as a reward for helping me out(really nice guy) one of the most beautiful black haired Italian girls I have seen - babe was from Rome or area, but what a beauty I tell you...then took me to Sicily on vacation with her for nothing more than my contemplating drugged up(how to make happy end for me and her) by stealing him one ;) I didn't succeed in it, but under MK Ultra I would try again.

@Francis - I hope you get really well and soon as possible. Take Popemobil(fast one) and escape on vacation to our house in Novo mesto for few days. Ciao

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