Thursday, July 15, 2021

How I went from 100meters per day(max 30 seconds waiting in line) walk in unbearable spine pain to height of 1,178 meters yesterday(crossed probably some 20+ kilometers)

 By pull-ups on trees along the road and special uphill walking methods. Up to 40 pull-

ups and 40 pushups combination at once exceeding 600 pull-ups per day and so on...swimming didn't do much for me as amount of calories which individual with severe spine problem has must be kept down as low as possible. You walk one/two kilometers and eye tree...grab tree branch and do pull-ups during which you stretch spine and repeat and so on...from almost in wheelchair to stated here and with what I was promised will be a great lack of energy due to cancer...

Load backpack belongings to max 1kg weight and use storage bag to attach one via belt(stomach side - front side) another 0.5-1kg.

Not everyday is 1,178 meters and I no longer carry 15/20kg backpack to distance, but it feels good(despite in constant pain) to be at least mobile to this degree...

I started with 5 pull-ups...then 7 and 10 and so on...I don't use bike, but will use one for a trasport for a month to work I hope will find with stop before every hill(smallest inclination stop and push bike) as is as bad as it gets if you have spine injury in my opinion.

Sweets worsen your spine problems - best is to not eat them. Running is the worst thing you can possibly do with injured spine and you may as a result endup on wheelchair permanently(don't even think about iT).

This is who and how...I will make video for you guys to learn how to properly recover(at least somewhat) from spine injury. Your next hope(if you decide instead of above) is spine surgery, but you are closer to total disability then you ever were is the guy I used for symbolic photo above 

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