Sunday, May 3, 2020

Prior to arrival to this location from where I am moving tomorrow, tax statements from employers were stollen on behalf of Polish government inside of the hostel(know so because I was told will have opportunity to identify some more people and so on - I need sleep and placing proofs online far more than identfying people at this point - don't worry they know this and its why they do what they do)

Stayed here for a month for purpose of being bitten up - paid to be bitten up basically by two individuals involved in MK Ultra who anticipated have done it so severely that I would move to next location where deposit money would be taken along 1/4 higher price they asked on market and if gone I would owe the rest of the rent for which I would sign contract and so on and so didn't work and lets go back to stolen tax statements...

Polish tax authority wouldn't respond on my messages(requests) either - the closest I ever managed to get was answer on how I need to write them in Polish language. Passed tax filing period, immigration lady alone told me they will come after me via this kinds of issue and use it to get me out of Poland.

Search for rental ended in my surprise in completely controlled rental market(I was told deposits if given will never be refunded and if given problems will multiply even more as whole thing was designed to destroy me) and this included parcels/garages...

State prosecutor didn't furnish police according to police officer(it became evident as one stated how he just got one) involved in MK Ultra for no less than 3 weeks(took me 8 hours to write one) with letter written to one...

So they all cover one another.

Donald Trump or HARRY didn't have such problems in Poland...nobody ever responded them with "can't not" or "not yet"...they got whatever and whenever they wanted.

Harry had along "help" side also angry "will destroy you - retaliate against you"(lost it one badly too - threatened) side for whatever issues one may be suffering from. Nobody really cares as you see.

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