Sunday, July 3, 2022

My understanding of cancer brainwash was concentrated on maintaining strength - surviving till whole thing would come out as was brainwashed next to all other theories to see situation as

 No longer is - I am now concentrated into destroying cancer completely by simply maintaining presence of necessary food/vitamins while at the same time consuming garlic/onions(eat them even with bananas) and avoiding likely poisoned or cancerous substances. I learned to separate magnesium which I was told is missing a bit in my body and calcium. Magnesium before sleep and calcium in mornings or lunch as two conflict one another. I now also continue to consume food which I avoided for almost over 4 years DUE TO BRAINWASH(physical torture, not only MK Ultra brainwash) on how one is deadly and will cost me life. Food I avoided has a necessary properties for body necessary elements to strengthen itself(always consume everything with garlic/onions). They insisted me to avoid even bananas and non bio carrots which previously did made me sick when consuming them. They demanded from me to pay extra for bio bananas and carrots - insisted me on buying and eating mountains of expensive vitamins which I never did...  Because of brainwash crime and false hospital reports, it took me no less than 5 years to get to these conclusions.

Brainwash was concentrated on "just survive somehow" and avoid being poisoned till you bring case to the stated above, "survival" no longer is the case of my interest.

You never ever can see through net of lies due to mount Everest of lies and ECT used under so called MK Ultra - false hospital report entered on health examinations and ongoing stressful crime make advises given to cover their assess a totally useless thing - whatever is useful in fact is twisted in additional fog of lies to push one away from likely solutions he would obtain on his own...thus chances to survive anything like this are slim.

Cancer in meanwhile appears rather as gone, but in reality one found its way back during heavy exercise which I did again few days ago after while. I think one will be gone completely this time once I reintroduce exercise part due all stated above... problem grew overtime into big problem, but am certain one can be removed completely. I am no longer about keeping alive/surviving as sad pathetic miserable Hollywood specially(I regretful must say) insisted me, but destroying and removing whole thing completely...surviving/maintaining equals to failure in this case.... 

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