Sunday, July 3, 2022

It felt like air freshener somebody would squeeze inside of the living room about hour after I went sleep at midnight.

 Sleep felt since laying as if laying in bed for 4 hours with eyes closed, but smell disappeared after half an hour. For air freshener smell, Novo mesto police investigators gestured me I cite "You know its me" - it was psychiatrist Peter Kapš who explained under MK Ultra all behind "air freshener smell" issues(gas they leaked inside so far was without smell - while I could hear noise, I never ever had air freshener alike smell for which they insisted me will be used at the end of MK Ultra).

Mother who also got up already, stated me she woke up on several occasions due to bad quality of sleep.

It was the first time ever in my life time I had air freshener issue involved. But my sleep whenever leaving during normal hours(from 20:00) to bed for what I was also guaranteed under MK Ultra case will be(I was promised will not be allowed to go in bed for sleep during normal hours by neighbors and police and participants who laughed at stated issue), 100% of the time was interrupted. I have not had as bad quality sleep as I had last night within last 6 months.

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