Sunday, July 17, 2022

Father appeared during visit as dehydrated.

 Nurse who guaranteed me his transfer to another home for elderly people location due to torture she personally committed with other staff members(including directors of home for elderly people in Novo mesto) knew nothing about my stay in mentioned room and on bed fathers' bed when I mentioned her today that I know how it feels to have tube inserted through nasal hole specially as was my case due to improper insertion - contrary to father's insertion, they used tube to cause bruise in my throat leading to

unbearable pain for torture purposes. Director of home for elderly people in Novo mesto figured out with mayor and police director would be best to share fold with other locations where MK Ultra torture also took place, so to them transfer of father to second facility(separate region) was what they craved for. THIS NURSE BULLIED WITH "WHERE/WHEN" WHICH ACCORDING TO HER WOULD ALSO DO DUE TO FACT SHE ALWAYS WORKED IN THIS VERY DEPARTMENT.

I DON'T OWE ANY EXPLANATIONS TO ANYONE OTHER THAN STATEMENTS I MAKE, FOR ANSWERS ON QUESTIONS IF YOU DEEM ARE NECESSARY, I WILL PAY YOU WITH A POLICE VISIT WHICH WILL ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS/CONCERNS <== claimed me under MK Ultra will have arguments with me in respect to my forced stay at home for elderly people what will lead to removal of father to second location....well, I don't argue.

Father sure appeared dehydrated again - whole procedure I have gone through at hospital on three occasions again repeats at home for elderly people..."talk to physicians/nurses tomorrow" is what I was told.

The physician who tortured under MK Ultra in home for elderly was at first older physician(two of them), but boith were replaced by visitations from head physician from hospital - younger back then blonde physician who gestured me will appear HERSELF as the last...last in her cuckoo dreams.

I continue to pay visitations to my father every day or every second day.


AND TO(with video)  where I point out what actually took place that same day in early morning hours as I continued latter with exercise at Trška Gora.

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