Friday, July 29, 2022

I suggest you folks no longer purchase from China via ebay/aliexpress because its Chinese government that steals items from Chinese sellers to save buck in addition to bank thefts we see Chinese government have had committed itself too

 Trust me - Chinese sellers ship items, but Chinese customs steal them often times before those

even exit country. This way, Chinese sellers are damaged in addition to Chinese bank thefts which have recently confiscated savings from people of China. Items I purchased from China, appear at times never left China.

Chinese government afterwards most likely sells stolen items from private sellers via separate ebay/aliexpress government affiliated sellers to earn extra...not about your wasting time on products which never arrive and possibly loosing money in process ONLY, but also about Chinese sellers who are often times consequently(when you file for refund) ripped by Xi Jinping. Sad story.

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