Saturday, July 9, 2022

Neighbor Dane Kolenc was given by Novo mesto police a high voltage stun gun(TASER) as early as in 1998

 He would then REPEATEDLY bring me over to his Župančič residence and begun to physically insult me infront of older father in law and his mother in law - entire family...this physical assaults and claims on how there was nothing I could do to one extended into use of weapon on me for me to see how it all operates in case I would pay visit to one(police anticipated earlier return of mine to Slovenia from Miami, Florida and anticipated I would pay one visitation just as I promised him during MK Ultra torture case will be - I had a great reason for staying away for as long as I could have) and threats with his mentioned relatives on what one will do if I ever approach his residence...

I never should have been anywhere outside of USA between 1995 and August of 2006 other than in Ecuador where my native Indian ex wife was from. Off course I was brought on numerous occasions to Europe and redistributed also throughout the rest of the world - all continents.

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