Sunday, July 3, 2022

Lukashenko DAY DREAMED about war with Ukraine since beginning of the time(1998) and again new war on Balkans since 2003 in which he would support Serbia against other nations just as the case was in 90s

He has 100 fighter jets wants to get into action. While not kin to war with Ukraine at the beginning stages, Lukashenko stated me will get into one if he sees Ukraine weak - aimed
toward end of the war. Next to constant attacks and sabotage from Belarus side, his statements are not a surprise to me. Its just a question of time. Whole thing started with torture of foreign immigrants and counter intelligence operation which one used to penetrate in West via crowd of Belarus political dissidents he created in 2021. Lukashenko is a threat to global security.

@Lukashenko - you laughed in my face in 2005 claiming in-front of Aleksandar Vućič in Serbian capital Belgrade where I was trafficked drugged up how I will get my can see now clearly it was you and Putin who war-mongered for war against Ukraine and Baltic states since day 1 of MK Ultra procedure(since 1995). 

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