Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Police insisted me under MK Ultra needed all sorts of proofs which many London who refused to pay its bills provided them instead by pushing me in all sorts of insane situations(provided with even greater theft of TIME and more crime/lies against me)

 Its a really simple issue...police was involved in this since 1995 and with just few proofs I have posted online already back in 2012(10 YEARS AGO), one should have stopped bye ACCORDING TO THE LAW AND LAWS. Police should have 100% placed psychiatric personnel under search interrogation warrant with immediate detention as soon as I identified few people back in 2018 as they assisted governments in ruining me back then no less than 23 years of life(just two/three people identified in Poland should in normal police environment serve police as immediate detention procedure for personnel employed at hospital on what trial procedures would follow). With as many proofs about crime I listed on here, there absolutely is NOOO EXCUSE OF ANY KIND FOR DOMESTIC OR POLICE ABROAD TO

HAVE ACTED AS IT DID IN A MOST DESPICABLE CRIMINAL PATTERNS POSSIBLE. Why the hell would I have to depend on special assistance from saviors when they are the one who ruined my life on the first place !!????? In another words why would police serve them, but not me as required by laws !!????

What London claimed me all along with police/Kučan/ Pahor and entire chetnik delegation from Serbia/Russia !!???? Claimed they will help me write the most amazing story ever - asked Slovenian police and psychiatrist Kapš to come with more crime scenarios...its why they claimed more crime proofs were necessary than what I already managed to survive. They craved for more crime against me to REDUCE TRUTH IN RESPECT TO MY CASE FROM THEIR END and add into my BIOGRAPHY OF SURVIVAL their LONDON LIES thus taking bigger and bigger share in it and possibly even disputing facts(stealing ownership of the case - even discrediting me). And they sure enough audio video recorded themselves.

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