Saturday, July 23, 2022

Ukrainian comrade presented me his future wife in 2008(I think she is from area not too far from Russia - probably Ukrainian Donetsk) and left

 I like her very much, but as much as she liked me - boys from village(one from her village first then probably from neighboring village) were more attractive. Two years went bye(marriage she already arraigned with one or two of them have fallen apart) and I completely lost my interest due to weight issues. I became

guilty for everything(as always everywhere on globe was the case) and the one even more guilty for causing yet another misfortune through me was my MK Ultra accomplice who for the love of his country and to not leave her hurt then married her(two begun to date again in 2011/2012). They have as a result a set of beautiful healthy children and work toward happiness(prosperity) as one 

Donetsk area....

She did have father back then and was wrong in video when I stated she lived with mother only and two brothers. Her father probably passed away in 2013, but am unsure.

I AM REQUESTING(AND WILL DEMAND) FOR SLOVENIAN CITIZENSHIP CONCERNING UKRAINIAN AND HIS FAMILY(children and wife). HE STOOD UP FOR ME IN SLOVENIA WHEN MY FELLOW SLOVENIAN NEIGHBORS STOOD UP FOR PUTIN AGAINST ME - AS EARLY AS IN 1998(perhaps even in 1997 as I was asking one to just help me rid myself of drugs and would set record straight by myself with neighbor Dane Kolenc - Kolenc's violence against me was based on words such as I cite, "you will never be capable to hurt me back because the only time you get to me is when they bring you drugged up and once you return in real time, you will be destroyed if approaching me via police" on whose behalf one engaged in violence).


As far as Slavic culture I mentioned in video, few historians even studied Slavic's early settlers psychology as I did in at age 12/13 when reading books with intentions to learn exactly about times which dictated psychology wise "on how" it was when those arrived in modern homelands encountering other ethnicities and dealing with hardship of time(some areas were completely inhabited and to turn those in fertile lads to seed wheat it was necessary to pay sacrifice modern humans need not to worry about)...compared that with others worldwide to get to know myself - find myself in time and place as much as possible.

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