Monday, July 18, 2022

INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA AND TO BE USED AS PROOFS: Novo mesto police director's grandson assoults me on Trška Gora at St. Marry is nativity church at 0200 AM July 18th, 2022

21 YEARS OLD CLAIMED UNDER MK ULTRA WILL GET ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL OR INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED AGAINST ME IF NECESSARY...HIS GRANDFATHER DEMANDED DURING MK ULTRA REHEARSAL FOR HIS GRANDSON TO DO AS SEEN HERE(claimed me under MK Ultra I will back down and walk away with tail down) TO PROVE HIMSELF AND HIS GRANDFATHER IS HIS REAL GRANDSON....21 years old also told me under MK Ultra(contrary to his PSYCHOLOGICAL pressure from grandfather for whom he claimed breaks his balls just as he did to me) his grades were excellent and is top student, but that will pause university during my most important year because of my case....all this was used along with police cars awaiting me in valley as a downplay as is related to other issues as seen bellow. NOW 21 YEARS OLD CLAIMED UNDER MK ULTRA WILL GET ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL OR INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED AGAINST ME IF NECESSARY...

A medical physician providing care in home for elderly people told me under MK Ultra when seeing what I have seen during visit to father, tests will even demonstrate that level of his body hydration was within normal limits - that some sort of drug INSTEAD would be given to father to pull his lips inside mouth...and what Novo mesto police director JANEZ OGULIN referred to as returning my father back on the picture as martyr(depicted to me as tortured by system) through my own writing and at the same time would be used to point out due to above recorded assault that I video record people what would give again police ability IN THEIR DREAMS TO GO OVER MY PERSONAL VIDEOS/AUDIOS....ITS THE SAME DAY THAT ATTACK TOOK PLACE JUST IN LATE MORNING HOURS. Father even game me thumbs up, but right after I turned camera off what means again was instructed to do so at certain time by whatever device they use to communicate one what to say and how to act. Notice nurse on the picture

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Kenny Berry WAY BECOMING CERTIFIED AS PHYSICIAN was participating in Polish hunger games and was involved in case since 1996 or so his task was to learn about neighbor Igor Kotar's whereabouts(human experimentation conducted on me), but things went wrong even before one got his license to operate as independent whatever in 2001. He went from being my witness to assisting Kotar and turning me infront of Americans into completely illegitimate MK Ultra clown to whom despite having war in my country and other neighboring countries, Americans rather laughed together with Russians.

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