Friday, July 1, 2022

Missing Cryptoqueen Dr Ruja AND her brother Konstantin were both involved in MK Ultra - inside this house/room and had me inside of what you see bellow(based in LONDON)

British MI5/MI6 with Scotland Yard and everything Britannia has in its law enforcement listed as law enforcement, American FBI with CIA  ARE JUST STRANGER THAN STRANGE BIRDS ALL THE WAY THROUGH PARLIAMENTS TO THEIR SUPREME COURTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS AGENCIES....not only they knew all about it(brought her to Slovenia for negotiations sake - met politicians and royalties in this very house), they made her possible to become whatever is advertised to public now as "Missing Cryptoqueen: FBI adds Ruja Ignatova to top ten most wanted"....this was written by me who was branded as paranoid schizophrenic in 2013 by Slovenian government(WHAT BUCKINGHAM PALACE INVOLVED IN SO CALLED MK ULTRA IN 1995 ON A DAY 1 OF TRAFFICKING ME FROM MIAMI BEACH TO SLOVENIA, TOOK FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT, AND HAVE ASSISTED SLOVENIAN PSYCHIATRY FROM ABROAD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE MATCHING AND AT TIMES OUTPERFORMING ONE IN CRIME AGAINST ME), so global media(on the West, mostly property of CIA/MI5) can have it their world on paper - with human normatives matching mental illness of those based inside of the Buckingham palace. Her brother performed lots of violence on me(even in Great Britain), so Buckingham palace payed him his 30 silver coins...prince Charles, prince Andrew, Harry, William OFF COURSE AS ALWAYS CLAIMED WAS FOR MY SAKE TO PROTECT ME...HELP ME OUT. A real British family to be around....I was off course in between a racist(British royals repeated here written on at least million occasions in Britain alone and have paid for same crime to have taken place abroad) for declining to marry her drugged up and swine unwilling to share with them a piece of fortune(broken spine and cancer is all I got a sa pay for ruined life - 28 years of torture) ....THANK YOU BRITISH ROYALS/CIA AND TO YOU WESTERN PEOPLE OF WHICH SOME(IN HOLLAND AS AN EXAMPLE) BEGUN TO PROTEST KING WILHELM ALEXANDER FOR UNWILLINGNESS TO MATCH FINANCIALLY REWARDS FOR CRIME WITH THOSE FROM HIS COUNTERPARTS IN GREAT BRITAIN.....S A T A N I S M.

Missing Cryptoqueen: FBI adds Ruja Ignatova to top ten most wanted

By Leo Sands
BBC News

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Image caption,
US authorities warned that Ruja Ignatova may have changed her appearance since going missing in 2017

Ruja Ignatova, also known as the "missing Cryptoqueen", has been placed on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list.

The Bulgarian woman, believed to be in her 40s, is wanted for her alleged role in running a cryptocurrency scam known as OneCoin.

Federal investigators accuse the fugitive of using the scheme to defraud victims out of more than $4bn (£3.2bn).

She has been missing since 2017 when US officials signed an arrest warrant and investigators began closing in on her.

In 2014, OneCoin, a self-described cryptocurrency, began offering buyers commission if they sold the currency on to more people.

But FBI agents say OneCoin was worthless and was never safeguarded by the blockchain technology used by other cryptocurrencies.

According to allegations made by federal prosecutors, it was essentially a Ponzi scheme disguised as a cryptocurrency.

"She timed her scheme perfectly, capitalising on the frenzied speculation of the early days of cryptocurrency," said Damian Williams, Manhattan's top federal prosecutor.

The FBI adds fugitives to its most wanted list when it believes the general public may be able to assist in tracking them down.

A bureau notice published on Thursday offered a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Ms Ignatova, who was charged in 2019 with eight counts including wire fraud and securities fraud.

She is the only woman on the FBI's 10 most wanted list. 

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