Saturday, July 16, 2022

I WAITED FOR THIS MOMENT(moment of truth in respect to Harry) TO COME SINCE 2013 - Why I rejected Harry's memoirs assistance and Buckingham palace as whole

This "madness" I explained in video in details for which prince Charles also dared to claim

me in face would be used for him to see if I am capable to function under pressure as normal individual(one exampled himself) also was and is used for me to use threatening language against them what according to team of psychiatrist would result in a speedy ambulance vehicle visit which would be used as transport into psychiatric facility...

They systematically destroyed international and national laws pertaining to airports in Paris, Bergen, Goteborg, Germany, Amsterdam , and other parts in Europe by implementing MK ULTRA flights to London via Canada at first...once they crushed security on one airport, they used one as an added excuse(reference) to previous airport security rules breeches which in whatever country those took place to breach new till then adhered national regulation/law pertaining...I am this unsure whether mafia learned their ways from them or is they learned from mafia as whole thing was/is indifferent and as criminal as it gets...  

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