Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Yes !!???? Korean gets slapped in the face !!???? Korean KF-21 was completed war ready already back in 2015(designed to whip J-20)

 And its domestically(will not give you clues on who else was in the game) made unlike Tejas(100% US re designed and equipped engine wise) , Gripen(100% US made - they hand pick likes from US fighter jets and design them afterwards according to own specifications with all US assistance available in US for US alone) and/or Chinese fighter Jets(Russian and US)...Polish purchase of FA-50 fighter jets was excellent choice when compared to Gripen and I will not even say real why(s).

I was in each and every fighter jet factory in the world except Chinese where brought for demos only...made enormous promotion for Gripen who went ahead to discriminate against me in respect to employment INSIDE OF THE GRIPEN SAAB manufacturing facility.

@Saab Gripen employer - do you remember here seen girl and your garbage that went on inside of the factory in respect to her(she is okay, but you were and are clearly insane if you ask me - you both disrespected us since 2015 and up) !!????

@Tejas - your second generation ALL US DESIGNED AND EQUIPPED plane a much better choice than my down rated first generation Tejas plane for which I was everything but human being(remember no end of crime against me till I write about visiting your Tejas facility !!???? Well, I do). It paid off to you on many occasions to discriminate against me - last time in 2017(23 years of MK Ultra torture ruined life means nothing to you) as Joe Biden demanded from you - he wanted just as Trump whole world to turn against me and this is a man saving world from apocalypse(noo wonder as is the only way to hide American disgrace - ohhh, I should be thankful for it because he does me a favor doing his work is how they "teached" me under so called MK Ultra) at present.

@Joe Biden - no job for me till I apply at Tejas huh !!???? Remember what you told me inside of my room !!????

You are all right - what is it to ruin someone 28 years of life...not a big deal after-all. That much EXACTLY is how much I am yours.



Your self professed(with pockets filled by American and European taxpayers) Greek South African etc. mascots(geniuses) ARE HERE....all you will be ever capable to state about me is seen above.

@Trump - the only reason real reason your son in law got thyroid cancer which you also guaranteed me with as a form of retaliation against me for performing torture on me(you and your son - its how your logic and logic of your highest cast operates) I will get in future is because one spent too much time next to me and cancer jumped from me on him...

From Clinton(SINCE 1996 IS WHEN PLAY WITH CANCER COMMENCED - WITHIN FIRST YEAR OF "MK ULTRA") to Joe Biden - it was all about cancer which cure both got privately once the two tested positive for one while visiting cancer patients throughout country(SPECIALLY JOE BIDEN DID) with me on the side(mocho - alive toy) guaranteeing them magic cure in the future because this was one way for cure surely enough one would be released by big pharma....they infested me with cancer which I permanently suffer from since 2017 for you to know - told me also under MK Ultra that once they enter person inside of the computer as cancer patient, there is no hope for one other than official chemotherapy and other solutions - had Hollywood clowns claiming me exactly here stated and just how difficult is to get second dose in case first one doesn't succeed or if cancer repeats over the course of years(Michael Jordan, Obama etc. team can tell much about "WE HAVE THEM" only if you ill be good to us)....thats why they haven't confirm me my having cancer yet is also what I was told case will be under MK Ultra - its what they brainwashed me with...just for you to know who Joe Biden and Clinton were and nature of this case(murderous White House - London heroes). Case on how you get away with it committing murder of worse kind and still be seen as hero. All American way(Rep. and Dems. are two sides of the same coin - coin with nothing but lies/misery).

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