Sunday, January 9, 2022

Viktor Bout whom I have selected for Polish hunger games was selected by Bill Clinton's administration and Trumpets to become my father in law - in 1998/1999 many top US government officials possibly even Biden arrived to abandoned but under renovation African airport runaway

 Year was 1998 - Romsfeld, top CIA officials, even politicians Gingrich alike begun to was all the sudden buisy abandoned airport and once they eyed me I heard "look it's really Bob" - meaning they had no previous clue but someone on top as I stated did. Viktor Bout was becoming more and more

aggressive - his wife disliked me and I disliked her. I had no reason to like her whatsoever and yet another attempt of American rape didn't appeal to me. In 2002/2003 Bout called off matrimony with his daughter two years latter US Government got one. Americand and Russians worked together with one another from day 1.

I can't clearly recall Bout in Poland, but I believe he did very short tour...first tours to Poland were all joke compared to late tours and all of them were joke compared to mine 

When Americans approached us in 1998(I was always drugged up and all was against my will), I asked American criminals in beautiful business attire dresses if I did again something wrong before Bout and his team took off with me to skies again...US - garbage country not banana state...knife in the back more than what I can count and back in USA job search awaited me and school on how to become non racist...animals far worse. Real USA.

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