Sunday, January 9, 2022

The worst locations where lets say Tyson took me for beatings eventually disappeared - same as THE CASE WAS WITH SHOPPING MALL WHERE BANK WAS LOCATED IN MELANIA TRUMP'S SEVNICA CITY

Used to be taken to this bank in Sevnica's shopping mall for nothing but death threats - beatings. Milan Kučan, Viktor Knavs, Borut Pahor - its where LIDL AND TEDY ARE NOW and where I identified the other day one of the female employees whom Kučan personally referred me to through Viktor Knavs for whim entire Sevnica insisted was the only man that could save me hehehe. This also was news Melania prayed for decades would never ever surface...will never forget how Viktor Knavs hit me in the face next to the river right there. Viktor Knavs - man(swine) I could kill with a single punch, but not as a+drugged who rushed Knavs in defense was prince Andrew(Andrew defended Knavs in my face as per having the right to just smash me in the middle of the excursion to Sevnica). Year 2003. 

For Sevnica demoluted shopping mall, employees which abuse guaranteed during beatings I will never ever remember one is how long ago...on my question why then, they moved shoulders looking at Mr. Vinko from psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje - no answer followed...

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