Tuesday, January 4, 2022

It was 1998 UDBA assassin Viktor Knave(now Knauss) told me in front of his house I cite, "I got second loan now for house renovation so I no longer need you"

Viktor Knave was a #1 confident of Milan Kucan for Sevnica location. You can't be but professional KGB ranking killer with status as such. Knavs' house when compared to today was a toilet in 1996 - Knvd also upgraded house at latter time...in 1998 Knavs' secured credit also for a neighbor.

Viktor Knavs' abused me physically(was a beater) and mentally, best if all one insisted to Kucan on several occasions as solution to kill me.

Written infront if Mercator center where Kucan was utterly screaming at me with his supporters - they awaited me this morning but photo as seen is all the action I got...pensioners.

@Viktor Knauss - you are gonna get handcuffs on your wrists...

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