Sunday, January 9, 2022

In year 1998/1999 - Milan Kučan had next to Zoran Janković total blast in respect to new postal services provided for Slovenia where soon everything IMPORTED FROM ABROAD TO SLOVENIA according to two would have to go through Murgle(Milan Kučan's part of Ljubljana - where criminal has his residence located and where I was brought for beatings since 1995)

 This center begun to function probably in 2001/2002...two criminals few years latter begun to insist me it will not be them who will cause me damage as the two MOST LIKELY were caught on opportunity with camera, but seems like the two no longer had to fear whomever the two feared back then - I think was Lojze Peterle(I think he even claimed me) who still did something back then, but one let go afterwards. This was and is the place where damage mainly was done. Zoran Janković is a private major of Milan Kučan in capital city of Ljubljana.

Interesting GERMANS gave Slovenes future import program (added VAT - DDV - taxation which consumer now has to use if taxes aren't paid in for prior to purchase arrival to country) 

about 7 years ahead of actual taxation implementation in 2021 and at no wonder even Belarus criminal Sergei played with one under MK Ultra claiming me how to view things as.

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