Thursday, January 6, 2022

Human profiling in my case was in large portion produced by Milan Kučan, Borut Pahor, Vladimir Putin, Lukashenko, Miloševič, Karađić - people who started beatings infront of memorials dedicated to Slovenian national resistance during WWII(partisans)

 Beatings started infront of memorials, but continued without reason of any kind in local villages, in Serbia, Serbian occupied Bosnian parts, in Belarus, Russia and damn right once I had Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Tyson & Co. on my neck I started to fight back with everything I had and that included preemptive to words exchange facial profiling on what insults would fly out of my mouths JUSTIFIED 100% !!! It didn't made any difference after-all - abuse would follow either way so why to not make sure that due to unpleasant 

they stop one... costs of few extra beatings for the price of freedom is not too high and so between 2000 and 2002 mentioned governments have lost a lots of wars with me...

Facial profiling from my end - absolutely everything I have done in life time and not only under MK Ultra was and is 100% JUSTIFIED.

For you to understand in details(free Disney tickets, music careers, Hollywood, jobs, loans etc.) who created whom and what...real beasts were you who became such due to greed and criminal ethics. You who like to talk about Illuminatis - how about mirror, have you ever seen one !!???

Stealing murdering even through lies not only physical torture  from persecuted and despite all HONEST CLEAN WORKING individual...for f**** plane tickets to Disney world or car loan or overtime or loan or lucrative acting music NBA whatever piece of crap career...shame on you scum. 

One more room, one more car, how many more jobs, rail to wherever but at whenever, raise you didn't deserve, protected land not for sale sold for pennies on Dollar, free hotel room on Hawaii, million Dollars contract for next year, boxing match with..., WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATI !!!????? AND HOW MUCH FOR CHRIST !!????

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