Saturday, January 1, 2022

Here is exactly how you get read of COVID19 as a state - 100% solution to Germs

 Vaccinate 50% of the population - follow orders through recommendations of UN(in my eyes evil because of whom COVID19 is happening) and issue memorandum about other half of population as NO ALLOWED TO VACCINATE ITSELF. Apply stated above to population bellow 50 and specially children who are the biggest risk. For population above 50 whatever they wish...related to

Because no one knows what future has in it for one or the other group - at least chance will 

be that half of the group can take care the other half in case of scenario listed in link - impossible otherwise in case 100% of population is vaccinated or even vaccinated...this is how you resolve future implications of COVID 19. With every second individual vaccinated, virus also has greatly reduced chance to spread onto new people...and the last but not to ignore, with such amount of famous who settle for afterlife and are listed in main stream media under obituaries(USA as number one - not difficult to tell who is faking it) and corrupt beyond belief United Nations, who can tell what goes on in reality in an individual country...only state officials of specific state/country...

@Africa - think about it...all those jabs and minority death numbers in USA that don't match yours....

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