Saturday, September 4, 2021

FREE NATURAL CURE FOR LUKASHENKO'S CANCER: Dedicated to Land of the Free and Home of the Brave for 27 Years of Cancer and finally Broken Spine service

Steven Seagal insisted me I should join Moscow club in 2015 because they have 100% cure solution to my cancer needs :)))) Russian club that would do me really well.
Video can be also seen at

Walk 30 kilometres a day and you will have natural blood dialyzes...told will piss cancer out of the body. THEY DID HAD ME ON BLOOD DIALYSES ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS DURING MK ULTRA.

Not easy task with broken spine and carrying computer along hard drives etc, but I get MINORITY(ask Tyson about that) concept of one...

How much would ROTTEN IN PAIN AND IN VAIN citizenship like the one USA awarded me with in 2000 mean to you if you were in my shoes !!????? 

After torture procedures when in US(13 years) and in Scandinavia, it was time for me to hand monthly rental cheques to landlords :)))) "GOOD NIGHT BOB....SWEET DREAMS" IS HOW TORTURE PROCEDURES ENDED BEFORE I WOKE UP INTO MADNESS FROM MADNESS - FROM NIGHTMARES TO REALITIES AND FOR 25 YEARS.

@US - you want to do something easier for me than what US Constitution dictates you too in respect to your presidents/FBI bosses !!????

As much as American presidents and their supporters campaigned for me to become seen here, their violence never brought to my case Oswald's end...
Award Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko with one....they deserved one more than I did.

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