Friday, September 3, 2021

MONICA LEWINSKY: In my book, Monica Lewinsky is a very fine woman who I got to know first hand via Bill Clinton's private visits - identical technology used as the case was between Charles and Camilla in 1995, 1996, 1997 and so on


Off course in 1995 and since, I had noooo idea about who she was during Bill's visits to her location - some expensive villa was used. No idea whatsoever. Because of visits with US president to her, I became confident(I reduced personal security concerns what led into even greater abuse crime against me) about avoiding what otherwise I assumed as possibility back in 1995 could be the worst - even my death. It was a HUGE MISTAKE I have made from my end. Monica Lewinsky knows a lot about my case. Finally almost everything that troubled her and I got to understand her point of view(I sided regardless of proven wrong with Bill Clinton - I absolutely had no choice whatsoever as my life could have ended at any moment) way better too. 

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