Thursday, September 2, 2021

56 years old Pierce Morgan assisted along Top Gear staff PRINCE HARRY by inciting me in hatred against United States of America - brainwashed me on how to ridicule Americanism and reject one

All makes sense to me now. Got into Hollywood elsewhere through EVIL me and by what appeared assisting Vladimir Putin(for the sake of Vlad and Poland which insisted the same) turn me against US. Pierce Morgan works very very much with prince Morgan and from what I can recall will be the first one to clear his way to US. They work together.
@Harry - you are a terrorist whose daddy CIA and FBI listens very closely - attentively as per what needs are at home, but I wouldn't bet in what you bet against  me into. I am American too and not about to give away citizenship as a freebie to British crown impostor or to Russian gangster whose very close friend(so close that he had to disappear for perhaps two years out of my sight when subjected to MK Ultra as I had instant allergic reaction to psychopathic liar) and ally since 1995 was/is no other than Joe Biden.

And came to Unites States and financed violence against me - makes all sense now.

@Harry - rappers or rippers...remember !!????

Filth referred to me often times also as Lee Oswald Harvey

Well, I think you guys stepped on wrong Oswald this time ;)

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