Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Traveled two days without sleep across the beautiful Milan Kučan's kingdom known as Slovenia to purchase car for which seller involved in MK Ultra along his family claimed me has a great engine and great transmission

 Yet another 3 hours of sleep within 48 hours, however, resulted with safe return along numerous rescue sirens(intimidation) and even certain drivers pointing me middle fingers when stopping on final route to Novo mesto from Ljubljana. Country where Milan Kučan now has private president Borut Pahor, private city major Zoran Jankovic, private police station in his private Murgle city. Mini Russia what else is to say here...

Car, however, I will no longer buy in Slovenia. I am in no hurry to bet bypass(heart surgery) which this criminals(otherwise degenerated health enthusiasts who used to hide their crime in the past behind word "communism" - had and have as much with communism as I have with last year's snow) would love for me so so much....

Eastern European "entrepreneurs"(Pahor, Duda, Morawiecki, Putin etc.) learn from one another...and help one another too.

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