Wednesday, July 7, 2021

MK ULTRA - Identified today was young gentleman from Krško

 At ločna dental office. Also companies such as Austrian Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co(near Liechenstein) and tiny Slovenian Eravital d.o.o., but I will not go(DO WHATSOEVER) into area of JOB SEARCH AND CAR PURCHASING TO IDENTIFY MORE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA. I was even told that if I would repeat mistake from Maribor(car purchasing which left me hitchihiking across Slovenia two days withing which I slept 3 hours and lost three days), I would likley suffer cardic arrest - fake car offers are plenty in most remote distant almost impossible withou car to get locations accross Slovenia...

Job search is job search - not insanity reminder because of which I lost 26 years of life.

Transporatation search for the sake of job is also such thing and not stated above.

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