Tuesday, July 6, 2021

GEORGE BUSH ORDERED TO ONE OF THE TEST SUBJECTS FROM USA PANTS TO BE LEFT BEHIND: Pants raised unimaginable anger in Novo mesto city among locals of wich some in 2005 even life threatened me with if I would ever even think about wearing them in public

From.....in 2017

Back to(and this with heavily damaged spine injury which disallowed me just two years ago to cross distance of 200 meters or stand in waiting line for over 30 seconds):


And professionals from internet who used to laugh at me for decades - paid via this case for movie/game roles to eat well, sleep well, and live life stress free.

How they knew I bought brand new umbrella yesterday on my way back to Novo mesto from Maribor(in the morning I bought one in Maribor for hitchhiking purposes since day was rainy - something I have never done before), I have no clue...

Schwarzenegger was actually very very angry at cookie master(invincible mouse) for telling him THE truth about steroids(who he was/is) connected to his failed heart and even promised retaliation :))))

@Schwarzenegger - real men drink milk not steroid drinks(OR EVEN PROTEINS) and NO beer. Real men carry on and don't complain like wussies - cowards use poison and directed energy weapons next to mentioned garbage to prove world just how great they are. Still remember story about your competition during which someone did something bad to Franco with foot just s seen here and as was promised case will be with me https://youtu.be/nDAt1Wd7jlg <== you demonstrated them this trick which brought me to edge due to physical pain even if I disregard all other factors (you f**** in my back severely) such as serious lack of sleep and psychiatry at the time...

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