Saturday, July 10, 2021

As far as cars in Slovenia

Sellers of multiple cars I expressed interest in, never ever answered I managed to call were identified on dozen occasions as MK Ultra participants which also had negative scenarios involved(possible lemon cars options) and of those they reduced car purchase into certain options for which they hoped for via $$$ issues would modify my own cr taste into options which I disliked under MK Ultra. 

Meaning car purchase is now placed on indefinite NO.

Second reason for decision is neighbor Andrej Uhl - a designated terorist of Borut Pahor/Milan Kučan - who huried one to inspect EACH AND EVERY CAR INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA IN SLOVENI AND WOULD ALSO SNIFF ARROUND TO REPORT TO LJUBLJANA WHENEVER ONE BROUGHT ME TO CROATIA.

 Probably number of cars Andrej Uhl alone inspected during MK Ultra ranged to over 100 cars in Slovenia alone. No need to explain where whole thing would lead even with good car purchase...

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