Saturday, July 3, 2021

About condo collapse in Miami Beach, Florida just few blocks away from where I used to live for nearly 12 years(1995 to mid 2006)

Nearly 15+ years ago, this condo was a US Government concern BUT....

People involved heavily in MK Ultra in one since 1995 resided there - I was told it was even first building where it all started...your friends is what Biden and other top US officials told me, will be resettled but you can use case to point out persecution against those for whom as they insisted,  loved me(yeah that people who tortured loved me - and that my expressing concern for those would result in investigation of case also related to deaths in Slovenia.

WRONG: I was repeated crap even inside of this room for which I know was wired to entire world during MK Ultra. Russians(knew all about entire MK Ultra case - visited Miami Beach time and again) as was told on the side already took some photos of people ahead of apartment collapse event. This off course would result in my being portrayed by Putin's media as fake. These people didn't give s*** about me / they in fact HATED ME according to one of the residents alone signed contract with Russians to screw me up.

If it looks stupid it may be stupid, but if it looks like a demon then 100% is. Irish puppet of Vladimir Putin.

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