Wednesday, May 5, 2021

I will let Helle Bjorklund(involved in MK Ultra case perhaps from day 1) off the hook as she when compared to ALL others didn't differ in a negative way

I was mad because of approach she used(would walk inside of Miami store where she provocated in-front of my ex-wife with idea for me to talk about it - its what made me assume that she wants me dead actually since I rejected to go public at all costs till 2008/2009), but I must thank her and Daniel Anderson for popping up on the picture in 2010 when in Norway endlessly searching for employment. 

Psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje referred to one in its mania(pathos - world of lies/madness they created with idea to stop me discussing political torture issue) against me in 2013 as Scandinavian Helga whom I have seen in my paranoia as chasing me...

@Helle - It was courageous thing to do. Thank you

Goes same for her brother Morten and Daniel.

Helle Bjorklund knew more about psychiatry/psychology at age 25 than most experienced psychiatrists/psychologists did or will because of her mother. She had degree in psychology and has worked as social worker all her life - her daughter learned all from her as she often was next to mother.

Norwegian king Harald V of Norway hired her because of abilities and its why she stayed for that particular reason without degree in psychology for another two decades - they don't allow government people who work under the table(undercover) for government with issues related so deeply to even obtain official degrees, but do require them(on the other hand) to know more about it than from otherwise are official professional employees.

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