Wednesday, May 5, 2021

About your US president Joe Biden - 5th US president involved in case against me(case during which two presidents served two terms while Biden dwelled at the top of the US Gov. ever-since)

 He once lost temper in this very room as I rejected one/acknowledged him as a MK Ultra loser and stated me under MK Ultra I cite, "you don't think they can kill you right here while sleeping on the floor well they will you will see boy"...

He knew all about my lymph node in left arm and counted on surgery which 100% would leave me with new health related issues as was also told case will be by some other people who truly cared - he knew all about tooth too. This is why...

Biden wanted(anticipated) broad American war against me in same form as Trump did during his presidency and my stay(visit) in Poland...Biden got more than a chance to stop abuse(I was silent for two and half months into his presidency); he instead chose to accelerate one with idea on how I will tolerate his lies(he also had beneficial versions for my case) parallel to abuse and fail...he came close with physical attack on me and few other issues but they also marked firm beginning of his DEAD END STREET as a US president.

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