Thursday, May 6, 2021

Wall-nuts recently purchased(perhaps three weeks ago/month) at Eurospin switched with walnuts containing poisonous fungus Aspergillus flavus

Bought today another three bags of walnuts and came to discovery(when comparing previous "purchase" with today' purchase) after recent walnuts placed on table jar differed very much from previous consumption of walnuts which was purchased at the same time and sound(blood pressure alike - most likely related to poisoned gland nodes) commenced ringing even more. This tricks with Aspergillus flavus repeated each time jar loaded with walnuts was coming toward end with walnuts... in a plane and simple language its called poisoning.

Wall-nuts doesn't turn into mold on a dry clean place withing 3/4 weeks. Related to 

I think Mr. Peter Kaps is severely mentally ill individual. I always do my best to give parents either idea or prepare healthy as possible food for them and it seems he is using plain human logic which primarily serves interests of self protection(if you understand meaning of this paragraph) to cause major mental friction in one. This is a mentally ill psychiatrist. They used Sergei(blame whatever was done to him not parents system or even less those who conditioned parents crime against me with their health issues and to me tolerance for crime with how both will be removed to home for elderly) from Belarus during MK Ultra to insist me on how I will go through same, but had no choice other than to comply and apart from what one was used, Sergei helped enormously with issues(MK Ultra proofs) whenever he had chance...

In this house, Americans presented solution to Russian poisoning/radiation - however, those solutions often have proven itself to be nothing more than wrong paths/lies used to incite me in self self discreditation.

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