Monday, May 3, 2021

@US Democrats

 I wasn't gonna do this, but apology to me is a good start - I don't play Dwayne Johnson/Biden ticket and I left you plenty space to do the right thing you failed with idea to exhort with MK Ultra diarrhea. Failure to issue me one will probably result in your not gonna even see US elections in 2024. I'll just start to release whatever made even my father permanently urinate in pants(ask Tyson about that one as one was mentor to Serena Williams) - it will be your end for good.

You will close one for good is what I am trying to say...Biden(should have been Dwayne running for president as you know, but this case was detrimental for your election candidate) got two and half months of my precious time which he used for nothing other than war against me....

Dwayne Johnson who also was in Poland on spine breaking mission for few months, didn't go through anything similar(even that Polish ladies in factory insisted was the best) I did....your people came to Poland prepared - explained by your best physicians how to avoid injuries - you had me instead brainwashed on how to get injured under MK Ultra with prior spine injury you created...

I like core ideas of US Democrats - don't get me wrong - and I tried to help you out in a way no one ever did.....but if I have to, I will also do whatever human dignity is asking from me.

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