Sunday, November 7, 2021

QUICK FIX: I charge Slovenian police(Novo mesto) and president of the state with attempt to set me up with psychiatry via MK Ultra torture, local mechanic, driver of vehicle in which I have pushed car into, and set of circumstances created for incident to take place

 Involved were also both psychiatrists. Peter Kapš and Tatjana Prokšelj as well as Krka director. Prince Andrew drove black or dark blue Bentley - rehearsed incident infront of London restaurant. Car driver in whom I pushed car even had me inside of the car(next to his father with whom both claimed would come from garage direction - Belarus Segei was used to point me out locations from where it would be easiest to obtain video proof in bet to confuse me via MK Ultra that it car pushed from garage behind me) during incident rehearsal and have on one occasion accelerated in car infront of him on this very spot is how far they went. Related to

They involved in incident an individual who participated in MK Ultra since 1995/1996 and became owner of the building right next door where cameras possibly could also be stationed. 

Plot with which they hoped for would close circle of psychiatric death(my going to police and claiming how individual approached car to me from behind while I was waiting on another car to depart) was supported by deadliest of deadly sleep deprivation issues bundled into numerous theories as per cancer. 

Plot was also supported by truck that passed right next to me when on pedestrian walk and which had a big sign on it ZARA - during my filming of something I started to believe took place...

Car repairman name is Frank - local criminal involved in MK Ultra¸(participated in physical torture often times and became according to his own words wealthy thanks to my father over the years) since 1995 who went ahead to place even Styropor as he promised me would, so that I would follow up with theory on how I have to arrange myself a place in attic area(build little Styropor room as is cold during winter - they demonstrated me how under MK Ultra) for me to sleep finally in peace....FOR THE FATHER'S CAR BERORUSSIAN SERGEI CRASHED IN 2006(6 months after assassin spent in Slovenia), I WAS TOLD UNDER MK ULTRA WILL NOT BE CAPABLE TO USE AS PROOF DUE TO DECOMPOSITION OF ONE - THAT IS ON JUNKYARD ALREADY).

Will stop at the police station and file police report against police as well as president of the state Borut Pahor for attempted murder via psychiatry and MK Ultra torture which lasted no less than 28 years.

so now you have it ,) your way. The way you wanted.

Now we can play

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