Sunday, November 7, 2021

And now the space cancer related schizophrenia with which mighty PREVERUSA believed will assisted Buckingham palace/Berlinia

This is what London Berlin Washington DC perverts planned on to blend into 28 years of torture - its called sensationalism. When perpetrators who used Hollywood attempted to portray THE HEAVIEST TORTURE EVER
(HUMAN ABUSE - RIPPING INDIVIDUAL'S SOUL OUT OF HIS SKIN - DISREGARDING LAWS TREATIES AND HUMAN RIGHTS) next to his side "funny" videos as joke. They sure did brought me to these creeps during MK Ultra.

When you are thrown out of the country where you became citizen through forced unemployment(EVEN ACCUSE ONE OF FIRM GENOCIDE ACTS) and death follows straight into room where you immigrated from. And to foreign locations where you attempted to settle somehow.

Help is when you call police to assist individual in need of assistance if not capable yourself.....And if police fails as it pertained and pertains to my situation, duty of people who observed ordeal was to visit me and express public support - deliver video/audio proofs so interrogation of authorities(if those would continue to harbor crime) for declining to perform duties(engage in crime cover-up) could commence. Not main stream media's monkey business as seen here or to what I witnessed over the course of last 3 years through which participants demonstrated me(reminded me) how low they went for a buck. After-all, justice/truth concerns entire society/globe in fact.

@Space crew - you should be ashamed of yourself.

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