Sunday, November 7, 2021

I was told Africa is a golden mine in respect to future food production

Could supplement entire world with food not only Africa. Told they have plans ready to create numerous irrigation devices/artificial lakes but

not before continent gets back into colonial hands. Every attempt to revive one without IMPERIAL assistance that will end as Libya did. Frau Ursula von der Leyen knows a little everything about this plan in place. Her hubby Heiko is a pro cancer self sustainable expert as his sister died of cancer as since he became a self sustainable oriented  pioneer in cancer cure research the one who will prove through selection of foods available in supermarkets as one claimed me, individual can cure from cancer on his/her own...and I was guilty for his sister's death off course because you can't subject to cancer experimentation and individual without having 360 degree full of excuses - even less the one whom your government ruined life in a great deal and since you are part of nation which committed WWII atrocity during which 70 million lives were lost. Guilty for German neurotics and for everything in this world - I was guilty so much since 2000 that whenever(at times I did) brought into faces of people who suffered from imaginable painful diseases I would show them middle finger into their faces laughed at them...and how and why not as it always ended with anger shaking(they acted only to get participants emotional as behind scene everything went again back to normal with Angela, Buckingham palace), "this is what you will be like". Heiko von der Leyen is a regular psychopath - lazy good for nothing (eccentric - mental patient PERVERT - ill as it gets ACHUUU) who should seat inside of the jail and serve 100 death sentences. 

There is no remorse here for anything you managed to obtain from me under MK Ultra to hide your neonazi faces behind pain/suffering of Christ - just my call to avenge pain and suffering you and your IMPERIAL clowns caused me on a task to also save humanity from coming hell of the WWIII.

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