Saturday, November 6, 2021

Buckingham palace arraigned for car crash yesterday - buying chetniks(Milan Kučko and Borut Pahor) in Ljubljana time

According to prince Andrew, they have done same to him and it became handy because of Belorussian Sergei who had crash with father's car when rearing car infront of clinic in 2005/2006. Crime after crime, and leaving me with nothing but more and more lost time used as filth anticipated will excuse their criminal involvement against me. Proof about car crash and even future crime is since 2015 is in Ljubljana. Go to Ljubljana where they had me previously already to observe your camera incident - if real one will be given. 

Prince Andrew that reared car in Britain and someone placed his car during his car backing behind his car, so he could claim damages from prince Andrew is what he had to explain and even demonstrate me when brought for torture to Britain. Belarus Sergei on the other hand plan smashed car while rearing one into another car without even knowing what one was doing behind wheel...idea was born to...!!????? 

I told you these people are fucking insane. 28 years of life lost on beasts.

Buckingham palace is murdering me during sunny days in fall - keep me safe insane with toxic brain cluster they rehearse from torture procedures.....buying Serbian chetniks and their Slovenian collaborators time - death.

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