Saturday, November 6, 2021

GOT ANOTHER JOCK SHOCK WAKE-UP CALL TONIGHT: This time attacked inside of the living room with very same weapon as was used in my room by very same weapon as was used by British special forces for evaluation purposes according to Andrew and Phillip

Video can be also seen at

Same thing - attack and then American main stream media and no way that many devices would be present in area at this time of the day in part of the house. I have two phones(actively only one number) I use and mother one. 

Related to Last directed energy attack on me was part of British special ops test since 2001 a personal gig of prince Phillip who always was military enthusiast

and CULTURE OF PERVERSION NOT MK ULTRA SCIENCE: Jock shock radiation poisoning game goes on in Slovenia(just as case was in Poland) with American main stream media flirting openly with one

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